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For more than twenty years, Microtek has been manufacturing drapes and covers designed for operating rooms and ultrasound suites. Patented processes and special attention to workmanship, packaging, and pricing all work together to provide you the absolute best, most innovative endocavity, surgical, and general purpose products available. Our drapes and covers provide the best fit and outstanding acoustic performance in a broad selection of sizes.

Endocavity Probe Covers  
Click for PricingOur Endocavity line of covers offer a choice of materials to meet your performance criteria. Our latex products are dipped and rolled by one of the leading domestic latex manufacturers using medical-grade material. Our latex free IsoSilk® covers, for those with latex sensitivity, are folded to ease gel filling and application to the probe. These covers can be purchased in both sterile and non-sterile, individually wrapped, and as non-sterile bulk loose packs for economy.

General Purpose Probe Covers  
Click for PricingLatex Free (IsoSilk™)
  • Maintain Sterility and Cross-Contamination
  • Biopsy
  • Trauma, Emergency Room Procedures
  • Patients in Isolation
  • Catheter and Drainage Sites
This line of products, featuring IsoSilk™, Microtek's performance material for latex-free imaging, is designed to enhance your general imaging needs when disease and contamination control is a high priority.

Intraoperative Probe Drapes  
Click for PricingThis product incorporates a patented process allowing us to attach soft and supple, special shaped probe tips to our latex-free IsoSilk fabric for full cable coverage. Special tips have been designed to provide better performance and manipulation. The tips are dipped for a perfect shape in our latex free dipping material, or in natural latex. Both materials support clear imaging and pass all quality and regulatory tests and standards.

Surgical/Intraoperative Drapes  
Click for PricingLatex Free (IsoSilk™)
  • Biopsy
  • Abdominal Surgery
  • Cardiac Surgery
  • Vascular Surgery
This line of products has been designed specifically for draping phased arrays, linear arrays, and curved linear arrays during surgical procedures. These drapes are long enough to cover the probe head and cable, all the way to the system connector, to guard against compromising the sterile field. Constructed using our latex-free IsoSilk™ material.


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